Collection: Free-Range Turkeys

As many of you are aware, unfortunately last year our turkey's were wiped out with the Avian Flu leaving us with no turkeys for Christmas.

This was one of the biggest farming challenges we have faced, both on an emotional and financial level. Our thanks go to everyone for their kind words, help and support, during such a difficult period it really did mean so much.

Due to challenges with rules and regulations, this year we are unable to keep any turkey's as we have to be poultry free for a full year, even though everything has been processed and cleaned.

We are keen to keep you up to date with our future plans to please keep an eye out here on our website, or on our Facebook and Instagram account where we will be sharing any news.

Thank you again for everyones incredible support, it was a massive moral booster and we look forward to seeing you all on our Maize Maze and Pumpkin Patch this year.

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